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The story of me:

Once upon a time, a Young Woman divorced her husband and went to work for a Company. Her job was very taxing and took a lot of time out of her social life. She had barely any time for friends, family or romance, and she intended to keep it that way. Then, It happened. The Company sent her on a business trip to a faraway place known as India to make a partnership with a fellow Business there. She sighed and went along with it, knowing that although it would be very strenuous, it was beneficial to both the Company and the Young Woman.
When she arrived, she was greeted by the Dreamy Man. He greeted her and she knew. This was love. Love at first sight. She decided then and there that she would do whatever she could to get him to notice her. Which was odd, because of course he noticed her, he was driving her to her hotel. If he hadn't noticed, she would still be stuck, a Young Woman alone at an airport without the Dreamy Man.
She settled in India and prepared for the long and arduous months she had ahead of her. She made fast friends with the Dreamy Man and they got along handsomely. Then he introduced her to his Bumbling Friend, all the while ignorant of her growing crush. The Bumbling Friend was okay. She didn't really talk to him. He was just there and it was annoying because it took away from her alone time with the Dreamy Man.
Eventually, though, she got her chance to be alone with the Dreamy Man, but before she could make a move, he told her about this dream girl he had met... in Agra, where the Young Woman had never been.
Crushed, she stumbled back to her hotel and spent a few days pining after the Dreamy Man. Eventually, she came out of her self induced isolation to notice that things were different. The Dreamy Man and his Bumbling Friend were not on friendly terms any more; apparently the Dreamy Man had hurt the Bumbling Friend's love and he was offended on her behalf.
She threw herself into her work, meeting successfully with the Business' representative, who was now the Bumbling Friend as the Dreamy Man was AWOL, apparently eloping with before mentioned romantic interest. So the Young Woman and the Bumbling Friend became close, quickly escalating to Best Friends. Everything seemed to be okay and the Young Woman and the Bumbling Friend traveled around India after their deal was finalized, making funny and joyous memories. They couldn't remember being happier.
Then the Real It happened. She was tired one night and sick out of her mind and the Bumbling Friend was taking care of her when she said in her delirium that if she had to marry anyone, it would definitely be him. From this, he was inspired. He quickly made his plans and the next night, he took her to a fancy restaurant.
That's when things started going wrong. First, his car was stolen.Then, traffic delayed them and they had to wait to make a new reservation. Then, once they had been seated, a passing waitress spilled a teetering bottle of champagne all down the Bumbling Friend's back. He jumped out of his skin and in the process, he dislodged the box in his pocket, and it went tumbling to the Young Woman's feet. She felt it slam on her foot and screeched in pain before she bent down to see what had slighted her. She picked it up. It was a black and velvet box and she wondered why it was under the table. She opened it and gasped. Inside was a simple silver band with "Love Your Beloved Bumbling Friend" inscribed on the inside. She squealed and literally jumped over the table to hug the - HER - Bumbling Friend and said "Yes, yes!" before he could even ask the question. One of the waiters kindly asked them to leave as they were disturbing the other guests.
They then went on with their lives and kind of forgot about the wedding. Then, one night, they got utterly smashed and ended up waking up the next morning in the same bed. Turns out, that's when Kageriah was conceived.
And the Young Woman was a nightmare when she was pregnant, eating the oddest things and becoming addicted to macadamia nuts - they were now temporarily settled in Hawaii - which induced an early labor and she almost gave birth the the poor girl three months early. Luckily, it all panned out and she had to wait another three months.
Kageriah was born and grew up as a rather foolish child, interrupting her parents vows at their wedding when she was three years old to go "potty". And so the Young Woman, her Bumbling Friend and their daughter, Kageriah, lived, the young one growing a silly and foolish girl who eventually joined the ranks of the aspiring artists on
And they have lived as happily as they could to this day.

The End
Hi anyone,
This is my attempt to avoid writing two overdue essays and god help me if I don't turn those in (I won't graduate - fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu). So I'm new to this whole "journal" thing. I really don't know what to say. Other than that I am so glad I finally got my AP art portfolio turned in at the very last moment while a raging art teacher chased me around, beating me with a burning broom. Well, maybe it wasn't that intense, but it felt like it. I could basically see the flames in her eyes. But alas, tis all over.
Well, at least the art part is over. Now to deal with the twelve missing assignments, two missing essays, three extremely hard finals and a presentation and the fact that I've got a major case of senioritis and we have ALL THE STRESS. Even though that's like the antithesis of senioritis. Not really, though, because senioritis constitutes the laziness... but I guess it also involves the whole "not caring" thing, and I most certainly do care. Oh dear. I'm seriously considering suffocating myself with my Stitch pillow pet right now. Not that Stitch deserves to have a person die on him. But I'm freaking out so much and I can't seem to control myself enough to DO MY EFFING HOMEWORK! Oh, help me, help me, help me, help me.
Sorry. Ignore my panic attack. Back to the point. I had no idea what to write and now that I've gone on a rant and said my part, I bid thee farewell.

(By the way, because I've been asked this before, it's pronounced Kah - Jeh - Ree - Ah)

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